Vernon Bargainer embarks on marketing campaign to promote his novel

MESQUITE, Texas – The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, created in 1984, helps law enforcement recover missing children. However, not all children are found. In author Vernon Bargainer’s novel, “At the Feet of Angels” (published by iUniverse), one little girl slips under the radar and is sold to a childless couple where a nightmare begins to unfold. Bargainer is embarking on a marketing campaign to expand his book’s reach.Vernon Bargainer embarks on marketing campaign to promote his novel

“Readers will find the story provocative even to the point of reinforcing their pledge to give children in their lives the priority they were brought into this world to receive,” says Bargainer.

Jenny Burnett doesn’t understand her situation. All she knows is that she was kidnapped by her scheming uncle. He sold her on the black market to a childless couple, Brian and Sheila Holdershaw, who are desperate to become parents. Jenny is determined to escape and find her real mother, even as Sheila becomes more and more abusive, trying to escape her own past. With the help of her new friend, Billy, Jenny uses her strength, imagination and blind faith in order to escape her new family and unite with her beloved mother.

Bargainer draws readers into the heart and mind of Jenny as they witness the abuse through her eyes as she shows unwavering determination to escape.

“I want readers to take away a solemn pledge to watch over children in their environment, to be protective and never make the assumption that a child is safe and never, never leave a child alone in a potentially dangerous situation.”

“At the Feet of Angels”

By Vernon Bargainer

Softcover | 6 x 9in | 272 pages | ISBN 9780595005772

E-Book | 272 pages | ISBN 9781475902082

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About the Author

Vernon Bargainer holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Texas and has worked four decades in human relations with the public service. He has previously published three novels: “It Is Morning,” “I Remember Running” and “From a Distance.”