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English - February 7, 2019

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, 20% of San Antonio Seniors admit to trying online dating according to Clover Health Survey

The survey also found that: 

●     While only 12% of San Antonio men over 60 said they’ve used dating apps or websites, 25% of local women over 60 who were surveyed admitted to using these services 

●     Just 18% of seniors living in suburban areas in San Antonio have used dating apps or websites, compared with 23% of city-dwelling seniors

●     34% of San Antonio seniors who work have used dating apps or websites, compared with 15% of those who are non-working

“It’s important for older adults to seek ways to connect with others in the community to ensure their ongoing health and well-being,” said Kumar Dharmarajan, MD, Chief Scientific Officer, Clover Health. “It’s great to see that nearly a quarter of San Antonio adults over 60 have tried dating apps or websites as a way to meet other seniors. Just remember to be cautious and use good judgment when talking to and meeting anyone from the internet.”

Establishing social ties is especially important during the colder months. Additional survey results from Clover reveal 32% of San Antonio seniors feel more lonely in winter, compared to the rest of the year. 

Nationally, 45% of seniors surveyed experience winter loneliness and 35% cite winter weather as a reason for more time spent indoors.

Beyond online dating, there are many ways San Antonio seniors can combat loneliness, including:

●     Volunteering. There are plenty of opportunities to volunteer, regardless of mobility during the winter months. Reach out to local San Antonio charities to see the opportunities currently available.

●     Adopting a pet. There are several organizations that offer free or low-cost adoptions specifically for seniors looking to adopt older animals. If you aren’t able to adopt a pet, consider foster care or volunteering at your local shelter. 

●     Visiting a local senior center. Senior centers are a great place to meet other older individuals and engage in activities ranging from exercise classes to card games to book clubs.

●     Embracing technology to keep in touch. Many older adults live away from their family and friends and may struggle to stay connected. Test out FaceTime or Skype to communicate with loved ones — the face to face contact of video chatting may be especially effective at reducing depression in seniors when compared to phone and email.

●     Signing up for continuing education. Many local community colleges offer low-cost classes, some of which are specifically for seniors or available online.

The study from Clover, a healthcare company using technology to improve medical outcomes, was conducted by Wakefield Research of 300 adults age 60 and older in the San Antonio area. The national survey was of 1,000 adults 60+ throughout the U.S. 


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