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English - May 20, 2017

The Alkaline Water Co.’s Increased Production Capacity Accelerates Coast-to-Coast Expansion

The Company is the creator of an innovative, state-of-the-art, proprietary electrolysis beverage process. The Company packages and sells its alkaline water in 1-gallon, 3-liter, 1-liter, 700ml and 500ml sizes to over 30,000 retail locations in all 50 states.

The Grand Springs co-packing facility will have the production capacity to support up to $24 million in annual wholesale sales of Alkaline88® products. Sales of Alkaline88® have grown over 2,100% in the past three years. It has been the #1 selling alkaline water brand in Southern California for two straight years. Now with the Virginia plant open, the Company looks to aggressively expand into retailers up and down the East Coast.

Grand Springs, an SQF certified facility, recently expanded from 47,200 to 60,200 square feet, with all 13,000 additional square feet dedicated to the production and distribution of Alkaline88® products to the East Coast.

“The production capabilities of Grand Springs will now allow us to economically deliver Alkaline88® to the densely populated East Coast,” remarked Richard A. Wright, CEO and President of The Alkaline Water Company Inc. “Not only will we be able to open up all the East Coast, but this should increase our overall profitability. Grand Springs is strategically located, so that the Company now has six co-packers nationwide that have the ability to serve a combined $72 million of production capabilities and are located within 600 miles of 95% of the US population.”

“This week, Grand Springs will begin shipping our products to over 2,300 recently added East Coast retailers,” Wright added. “It was extremely important to the Company that production at Grand Spring’s plant began before the summer. We want to thank Robert A. Smith, Owner and CEO of Grand Springs, and the rest of his team for the extraordinary effort it took to open this plant on a timely basis.”

About Grand Springs:

Grand Springs modern 60,200 square foot facility is strategically located in Alton, Virginia, offering economically feasible access to the major population centers of the northeast. Grand Springs was awarded the 2015 “Business of the Year” for Halifax County in view of their supreme commitment to producing high quality products and their aggressive environmental recycling initiatives.

About The Alkaline Water Company Inc. (OTCQB: WTER): 

The Alkaline Water Company Inc. has developed an innovative, state of the art, proprietary electrolysis process that produces healthy alkaline water for a balanced lifestyle. The company is focused on the business of distributing and marketing the retail sale of its cost-effective packaged Alkaline88® water beverage products. The Alkaline Water Company Inc. is currently in the midst of a national mass-market expansion program and is available for consumer sales at major retail locations across the United States. Learn more about The Alkaline Water Company Inc. by visiting: www.thealkalinewaterco.com.

About Alkaline88®: 

Alkaline88® is a premier bottled alkaline drinking water with an 8.8-pH balance. Enhanced with trace minerals and electrolytes, the product offers consumers the unique opportunity to purchase alkaline water in conveniently packaged 500ml, 700ml, and 1-liter, 3-liter and 1-gallon sizes. Learn more about the science of Alkaline88® at www.alkaline88.com.


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