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English - November 19, 2016

New technology chemically detects the presence of an explosive substance on surfaces within seconds to save lives

The new technology was developed over the course of two years at Myakka Research Group’s Sarasota, Florida facility and is capable of chemically detecting the presence or absence of an explosive substance on a surface within seconds.

To the human eye, the patent-pending detection wipe looks similar to a sanitizing wipe, however when exposed to an explosive contaminant the wipes rapidly change color, even indicating what kind of explosive property is present. This is made possible through the use of colorimetric reactions and gives law enforcement agents’ critical, real-time information as they monitor for pre-detonated explosives or investigate post-detonation residue.

Leaders from Myakka Research Group believe the technology is a significant breakthrough in the fight against domestic terrorism because it gives law enforcement and security personnel the ability to rapidly screen areas or individuals for explosive materials, without the need for additional equipment.

“There is a major need for convenient and accurate on-site detection systems that are able to rapidly detect explosive compounds and their precursors,” said Chris Baden, CEO of Myakka Research Group. “The technology we have created is a critical step forward and when adopted can create an extra layer of security for systems already in place.”

Researchers from Myakka Research Group believe the chemical detection solution used in the wipes and with other methods of deployment is ideal for use by security screeners at airports, public transit hubs, entertainment and sports venues, and any public or private venue where there may be a threat.

For more information on Myakka Research Group, visit www.myakkaresearchgroup.com.

About Myakka Research Group

Founded in 2014, Myakka Research Group is a technology research and development firm headquartered in Sarasota, Florida. Myakka Research Group is dedicated to the discovery and development of sophisticated, next-generation detection systems. The firm’s products are designed to equip military, law enforcement agencies and security providers with solutions for counter terrorism operations and threat interdiction.



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