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English - March 3, 2016

When you empower a woman, you empower an entire family, therefore, an entire community

Angelica Fuentes Foundation Impact:  

• The AFF is a private nonprofit founded by Angelica Fuentes, who leads this organization with vast experience in activism and social investment.  

• Two years after its foundation, the AFF has impacted the lives of more than 260,000 girls and women in 40 communities, in five different countries in the Latin American region.

• In Mexico, the support provided by AFF to various organizations in more than 16 states has helped improve the conditions of 50,000 women.  

• During 2015, through its social direct investment strategy, the foundation participated in 19 social development projects in three Latin American countries: 10 in Mexico, 5 in Colombia and 4 in Peru.

• The AFF is formed by 27 members, beneficiaries and programs. The AFF is based in Mexico City and has an office in New York as well.

• Its plans for 2016 are to reach three other countries in the region and support other organizations that might have an impactful contribution to achieving gender equality in the region

How Angelica Fuentes Foundation operates?  

The AFF is currently the only “second-tier” or funding foundation in Latin America dedicated exclusively to the economic empowerment of women and gender equality, with the aim to become the most efficient organization in achieving equality between men and women in the region.  

“Second-tier” or funding organizations identify currently existing projects and solutions that have proven to be the most successful in addressing challenges in different communities, and provide financial support and consultation to escalate and replicate their work to benefit more communities and more countries.

The operational budget for AFF comes completely from Ms. Fuentes’ funds; however, in order to maximize results, other organizations participate and invest in the different projects through syndicated funds.  

The Foundation works with the goal of maximizing its main purpose: to positively impact the variation of the indicators of inclusion, access to education and professional development and pay equity by gender in the Latin American communities and countries where it is present.  

Through the positive impact of these three key indicators, the AFF seeks to encourage structural change in the Latin American society. According to 2015 projections by the McKinsey consulting firm, we could anticipate that if labor participation rates among men and women even out, the GDP of the countries in the region could grow over an extra 17% over the next 10 years.  

How do we work?  

To achieve its objectives, AFF seeks to influence three areas in the communities in which it operates:  

1. Government. – Promoting analysis and civil society projects that can lead to regulatory adjustments to improve gender equality in the communities where it operates.  

2. Multilaterals Partnerships. – In order to learn and replicate best practices and working models in Latin America, to enhance its efficiency and act as a coordinator, avoiding duplication and maximizing the impact of these projects.  

3. Direct Social Investment. – Direct Social Investment in grass roots organizations that promote gender equality, through donations and assistance to meet their specific goals under predefined timeframes.  

Camilo Galvis, Executive Director of the AFF, recognizes there is a large backlog in Latin America in terms of poverty and lack of development –an environment where women also suffer more inequality in terms of opportunities compared to men – the challenge is to reverse these conditions by generating more opportunities for growth and progress.  

“In AFF we very well know the challenges of this adverse context, but we also have the certainty that one of the most powerful and crucial tools to overcome this is the empowerment of women and gender equality to promote development” Galvis said.  

Our partners:  

After almost two years from its foundation, the AFF has worked, supported and given donations to various organizations such as:  

• Clinton Global Initiative • UN Women • Cherie Blair Foundation for Women • The ABC Foundation • The Girl Up campaign of the United Nations Foundation  • Global Dignity Organization For more information, please visit http://fundangelicafuentes.org/en/

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