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English - October 23, 2015

Less is more in Texas’ first two-letter license plate auction

How many times have you struggled to remember your state issued seven-character random letter/number license plate? Well, My Plates assures us that if you’re the successful bidder of one of these plates, then you won’t have that problem. Why? Because, they are E.Z to remember.  

President of My Plates, Steve Farrar said, “There’s nothing quite as sophisticated as simplicity, particularly when it comes to a license plate. Being only two letters, they are not XL, and they look great ON any of the 100+ background designs.” 

Whether it’s your initials you’re looking for, a state name, an action word or an acronym, the My Plates Two Letter Auction may have what you’re looking for.  

OK, sound interested? Then be ready to GO on Oct 19th at 8:00 am.  

Auction Details:  

My Plates 2-LETTER Plate Auction dates:  

Begin Bid Date: Monday, 10-19-15 at 8:00 am 

End Bid Date: Monday, 11-09-15 at 8:00 pm  

The winning bidders will own the right to their plate pattern for 5 years, with first dibs on renewing it at the state’s everyday pricing. That means once the message is won at auction, it could be gone forever! Unlike other Texas license plates, plates sold by My Plates at auction are legally transferable. The plate owner then has the right to sell the plate message to another person with the same ongoing rights or gift it to a family member or friend. Transferability also means these plates could make great investments. 

To find out more information about the auction and to see all 20-plate messages on offer, simply visit My Plates home page or visit www.myplates.com/auction.


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